In a Battered Women’s Shelter

Rami Saari

There will be others: other men will come.
How many times have I told you,
How many more shall I say?
Look beyond him and you will see children and trees,
Flowers, potplants, friends and neighbours,
That there is work to be done and a household to keep –
And if there aren’t yet, there will be one day.
The sun will bring you comfort, and death will calm you down,
Not like the death that you die day to day.
There are dreams to fulfill and hope to hold on to,
Freedom to fight for and some times for rest.
And if you cannot do without, there are other men as well.
If your memory of him
Is all that you hold dear,
Remember it was no good.
Many dogs will chase after you.
But what do you want me to say
When instead of owning and training a pet
You prefer to be owned by a mongrel?
He treated you worse than a dog.

Translated from Hebrew by Alex Graber

FINNISH POETRY translated by Saari to Hebrew
FINNISH PROSE translated by Saari to Hebrew
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